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Independent Damp Survey

Many buildings throughout Scotland and the UK have wrongly been diagnosed with so-called 'Rising Damp'. This may even be mentioned in your Home Report; most buildings do not have 'Rising Damp'; they have dampness due to other factors such as external ground levels, poor drainage, overflowing gutters and condensation, to name a few. This diagnosis can result in you wasting your money on needless damp proofing work.


Every day, we deal with buildings that are showing signs of dampness and mould, that have been recommended damp-proofing systems that don't work and cause irreversible damage to buildings for extremely short-term gains. Many of these interventions are on older, traditionally constructed homes and are unnecessary and cause severe damage to the building and cost a small fortune.


We carry out dampness surveys holistically, looking for all probable reasons for the dampness.


Following our investigations, we will issue reports that

contain information such as;


  • The building's age, type, and construction.

  • Comprehensive guidance on how the building type performs in terms of moisture management.

  • What is causing the current dampness.

  • How to carry out repairs that do not require a specialist contractor.

  • How to maintain and prevent the building from falling into disrepair.


You should keep a few things in mind when searching for someone to provide you with reliable, expert advice about dampness. Check that your surveyor understands older buildings, is qualified, knowledgeable, and has a track record of dealing with moisture problems.


Use an independent surveyor, such as one from the Hisurv team; remember a free survey from a contractor is a quote and may end up costing you thousands.

Contact us today to discuss your survey requirements.

Mould and Mushrooms 

Damage to sandstone caused by injected DPC

Mould caused by excessive moisture

Dampness and mould caused by leaking downpipe

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